…something I wouldn’t normally read, but as I was again procrastinating an essay, I glanced at this article because the blurbed words “badly behaved moms” piqued my curiousity. It was interesting to find out that Courtney Love’s grandmother is Paula Fox. I’ve had the opportunity to read Desparate Characters, and I wouldn’t mind reading it again (except that I think it is out of my library–and I’m not sure where). It was an interesting read.

And, for those who like cupcakes as they read, something special.

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  1. Special indeed!
    I had to use IE to view the cupcakes. Firefox just shrunk the window to nothing. In IE I discovered that your previous post actually moves. In Firefox it just sits there. The one below scrolls in both IE and Firefox.

  2. Interesting re Paula Fox!

    I use Firefox and was able to see the scrolling bar, but when I clicked on the link for hte “Something Special” something wonky happened…it was like the page was a ghost. It was there, but it wasn’t. Didn’t quite load.

  3. I use Firefox. Just click on the maximize icon in the top right (or press “ALT spacebar” then “x”).

    So there IS a taxonomy of cupcakes. Not very complex, but I’m sure with a bit of research it could be made more arcane. The fieldwork could be fun. However, after viewing that page, I’ve decided that cupcakes are not the sort of things real blokes should admit to knowing anything about, so the cake’s in your court now…

  4. I think real blokes (particularly, or perhaps by definition, those who tell you facts rather than offer opinions) would not admit to eating anything other than meat. Red meat. Nothing green, which is the colour most associated with vegetables, and mention of cupcakes would make them extremely nervous. Cookies, I suspect, are somewhere intermediate in the spectrum of blokishness.

  5. speaking of real women, hamon, get your ass to st. pete’s. i’m here and the wine is chillin’.

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