…of initiating the newly built quinzee requires the annual ritual ferret dance done this year by the originator of the dance, Brenda Schmidt, and by the master/chief of the quinzee building, Dave Carpenter. Sorry about the sideways camera angle, but I needed to get the whole dance in the frame. (I don’t have any editing software here).



… are two of the best dressed medieval writers at a recent medieval feast put on by the students at St. Peter’s College. The food was eaten out of bread bowls, James O’Shea entertained us immensely with his juggling and all around comic announcements, the students put together a great skit of Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail,  and the evening was greatly amusing, and fun. There are more pictures here.



picture-007.jpgpicture-006.jpg…in St. Pete’s at the infamous writing retreat (these are old statues of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica). I am writing some things (although how well these things are has yet to be determined). I have no pictures as I’ve forgotten the camera cord to attach it to the computer. A week has flown by like a random plane jetting to somewhere other than here. The food is awesome; the company great. Only 2 weeks left!

Update: The cord has arrived!


that I love loves me. Besides ordering me the masses of books that I search for and order from the comfort of my own home, they phone and tell me when they arrive, thereby allowing me to not to rack up any more credit card debt than I have to, but they also seem to cater to my every whim–there’s a coffee shop at the back that I buy all my coffee beans and tea (which I’ll be taking away with me to colony).

Today I cheered myself up from a weather induced cold/dismal mood (and if not I’m just bitchy today) with this:


How many bookstores are that cool?


…”a dense, weedy thicket of hypotheses and conjectures badly in need of pruning”.

Sounds more like my writing, the fragments, the whole, the non-whole of whatever it is I’m attempting to write.

This will be my last post for sometime. I’ll be weeding. I have some tools (for fools) I just need to use them.

By using the tools, does this keep me from being a “frayed knot” ? (I’ve always liked that joke).

I’ll be reading you though from where I am so keep writing/blogging.