that I love loves me. Besides ordering me the masses of books that I search for and order from the comfort of my own home, they phone and tell me when they arrive, thereby allowing me to not to rack up any more credit card debt than I have to, but they also seem to cater to my every whim–there’s a coffee shop at the back that I buy all my coffee beans and tea (which I’ll be taking away with me to colony).

Today I cheered myself up from a weather induced cold/dismal mood (and if not I’m just bitchy today) with this:


How many bookstores are that cool?


…”a dense, weedy thicket of hypotheses and conjectures badly in need of pruning”.

Sounds more like my writing, the fragments, the whole, the non-whole of whatever it is I’m attempting to write.

This will be my last post for sometime. I’ll be weeding. I have some tools (for fools) I just need to use them.

By using the tools, does this keep me from being a “frayed knot” ? (I’ve always liked that joke).

I’ll be reading you though from where I am so keep writing/blogging.