Is nearing its publication completion and with that delightful process comes the always adventurous journey of choosing a great cover image. My publisher Thistledown Press didn’t disappoint me when it came to picking the cover image and I was fortunate to have a hand in gathering various images provided by Brazilian artist Virgilio Neto. As Red Curls is musing about the lives, loves and art of Egon Schiele and his mistress Valerie Neuzil, it was important to me to have a cover image that reflected art about art, a musing of muses. Neto’s work, I believe, encapsulates the desire behind creating art in a way that is reminiscent of Schiele’s work.

And: The poems, well, they’re messy and wet–they watch the audience watch them with I’s all their own.

And: Set your calendars for the Regina launch on October 8, and stay tuned for more details. As the tour builds I’ll post the dates and cities along the right.