001…and one of the books I found this time. A first edition, first book, by one of Canada’s finest poets. I wonder if I get her to sign it now, if it adds value, or detracts from it?


…clearly I’ve been remiss in writing on this blog, though I’ve been productive during my summer of lack. I finished editing the second ms for Coteau, which will be out in April, 2010. It’s title morphed into Interruptions in Glass and I don’t foresee that changing now. I’m looking forward to next year, the tours, the people, the money (heh).

While at Emma Lake I had the opportunity to meet a few artists, M. Eileen Murray who not only is a photographer, but a remarkable painter as well. My brain breaks often involved heading down to see what Eileen was working on, and to watch the progress of a different form of art. The artist in residence at Emma Lake was artist and educator Monique Blom Metcalfe, and although I only spent a few days with her, I found her incredibly inspiring as well as a very patient educator in the arts and the creative process. Also present was one of a group of landscape artists making waves out of the water, Men Who Paint, Paul Trottier who runs Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus.

I attended as part of Emma’s residency program, and it turned out it was a productive, and conducive space for editing. I found, after figuring out what people  meant when they asked where I was working, the long conversations stimulating to the editing process as well as the generosity of the artists to share what they were working on, to be very helpful to my process.

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Next week I’m heading out to check the Thin Air in Winnipeg. Maybe I’ll blog a bit from there, and give you some juicy gossip.

And in other news, the Vertigo Reading Series is about to begin the fall season with a night of Saskatchwan talent, so check out the blog!