PANIC! AT THE KEYBOARD: Nine words and counting

…(insert sound of whip here). So far so good. I’m writing a steady stream of words, my music is set to Mumford and Sons (still waiting for a new album from these guys). I’m not feeling any sort of panic, yet. Earlier this week, I read an article about writing and began to worry that my FB removal has not been as productive as I’ve wanted it to be. I’m not writing to a word count, and in fact, have only revised a few poems (though brilliantly, I might add). It seems that writing, like everything else these days, has entered the great digital era of apps and downloads, and even these are just aimed at getting us to write more. Right. (Sound of whip). Maybe there’s something to the pressure. I remember as a student that I needed the pressure of a deadline to finish an essay, or the regularity of a poetry contest to inspire me to write a new poem, and even at the retreats when I was the coordinator, I would try to write so many poems a week.

I’d like to think I’m creating my own app by using a blog to get me going. I’m gearing up for more writing by attending the Festival of Words, and the great poetry workshop with Phil Hall. I’ve edited a poem for the occasion (what is that sound?), which took more than a few hours and it’ll need far more work to get it to where it should be, but it’s words and words, according to the great guru group the BeeGees, are all we have.