…let’s talk about poetry. In particular, visual poetics. What I’m thinking about isn’t really the video poem such as is seen here, but something more interactive, something Dick Higgins states is “between media” . Meta or “intermedia” (a term explained by Higgins in his essay). What about it? Is it replacing what we know as concrete poetry? Is it work unto itself? I’m about to dive in where others have tread before and investigate further this complex and interesting intermedia. Anyone else?


…this week I’m seriously debating creating my own web domain. I’ve got reservations because:

A) I don’t think my publishing record right now needs one, though I hope to publish more books, and more, and then again more in the future.

B) It seems a bit pretentious of me to have my own web space. Or not. I don’t know.

I would simply move my blog to my domain, and carry on from there.

What do people think?