…let’s talk about poetry. In particular, visual poetics. What I’m thinking about isn’t really the video poem such as is seen here, but something more interactive, something Dick Higgins states is “between media” . Meta or “intermedia” (a term explained by Higgins in his essay). What about it? Is it replacing what we know as concrete poetry? Is it work unto itself? I’m about to dive in where others have tread before and investigate further this complex and interesting intermedia. Anyone else?


  1. Well, if Don McKay is a concrete poet, as noted by one respected scholar recently, I would say all poems are visual. If there are words on a page or screen, and you can see them, the words are visual. Whether words take the shape of a picture or not, words are still visual.

    And, photos and paintings are not visual poems. Poems involve words, I think. If poems are more than words than everything is a poem.

  2. KA: What do you think of photos in poems, as a part of the poetic structure of poems? Do they function differently somehow than they would on their own?

  3. Fascinating article, thanks for the link. I think that photos within the poetic structure of poetry work differently than they would on their own, even if its only that the viewer feels guided to make connections between the photos.

  4. Crafty Green Poet: Good to see you here. I think your point is key, in the connections between the works, even if the photo isn’t necessarily in the same context as the poem, that there are subtle connections to be made. I find it interesting too that the text can continue to change, but the photo usually stays the same. The picture isn’t a malleable as the text.

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