A dog adopted me today, or fell in love with me. He had the most amazing blue eyes. Muscular legs. A powerful dog; he was built! Part husky, part something else, this dog caught up to me around the two mile mark in my walk around the grid, just after the farm on the corner near the site of the first communion by the priests of St. Peter’s. At first, because of his colouring, I thought, Wolf!! I was skittish, especially after being lunged at by one dog already this summer. I was a little leery of another strange dog nipping at my heels, but alas, this one was different. He quickly caught up to me, licking my hand, and he followed me for the last two miles, hunting whatever he could in the tall grasses beside the grid (always amazing to watch a young dog spring into the air with all fours while trying to catch a mouse, a vole, anything). I wasn’t really worried about the dog. I figured he was a farm dog prone to wandering, and that he would easily find his way home again. What I didn’t figure on was his attachment to me. Smitten. When I returned to the Abbey, he was still by my side. There were tons of people milling about due to the choir concert, and still, he stayed close. He followed me to the door of Scholastica, the building in which we stay, and proceeded to try to gain entry when I went to go in. Then he barked until I came out–angry that he was ignored. As we were heading into Humboldt for a shopping spree at the Good Neighbour store (one of the best used stores around), I thought that when I left in the car, I would lose him, that he would tire of the place and return home eventually. But what I didn’t expect was his devotion; he followed me as I got in the car and drove away, running desparately after the me until I hit Muenster. Poor boy–I lost him then, in the gravel, the town, and in the rain.

I’ve always said that children and animals are attracted to me. This is the other creature that we adopted this spring.

st peters 09 008


emma 4 09 034The storm that rolled over Emma seemed to terminate the internet in my cabin for the duration of my stay, which was alright, as I really needed to find some reading’writing time away from the email. The sky after the storm was an impressive colour, one of which I’d not really seen before.emma 4 09 040

Writers and artists were not the only creatures up at Emma this week. Here’s a shot of one of the moths that rested on the screen door of the dining porch. They flew off a few days before we did.