that I love loves me. Besides ordering me the masses of books that I search for and order from the comfort of my own home, they phone and tell me when they arrive, thereby allowing me to not to rack up any more credit card debt than I have to, but they also seem to cater to my every whim–there’s a coffee shop at the back that I buy all my coffee beans and tea (which I’ll be taking away with me to colony).

Today I cheered myself up from a weather induced cold/dismal mood (and if not I’m just bitchy today) with this:


How many bookstores are that cool?

6 thoughts on “THE BOOK STORE

  1. Yah, it’s gorgeous. I didn’t get the best picture of it though. It’s silver and has 2 different lengths of straps.

    My book was gorgeous too–Nick Bantock’s Windflower.

  2. Ah, the consolatory article of clothing…though in my case it would be a scarf.

    There’s no situation that a good scarf can’t improve.

    (I also like Nick Bantock, though he makes me long for my epistolary rather than my electronic days…)

  3. A: A fancy hand-bag looks really good among books. I’ve been oogling that purse for awhile now, and didn’t want anyone else to buy it while I was away, so I dug through all my coat pockets for spare change, and bought it.

    I like scarves too–but the best ones have been presents.
    The Bantock book is very different. It’s a collaboration. I’ll let you know how it is.

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