picture-007.jpgpicture-006.jpg…in St. Pete’s at the infamous writing retreat (these are old statues of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica). I am writing some things (although how well these things are has yet to be determined). I have no pictures as I’ve forgotten the camera cord to attach it to the computer. A week has flown by like a random plane jetting to somewhere other than here. The food is awesome; the company great. Only 2 weeks left!

Update: The cord has arrived!

2 thoughts on “I AM HERE

  1. kimmy: These were in the old laundry room (their clothing attire has since been removed). I think BR.Anthony dressed them for the cold. Benedict is missing a hand (not a good look for him).

    Ken says they’re pre-Vatican, but I’m not sure if that means their costume/look is from that era or if the statues themselves date back to that era. Perhaps I must find out.

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