Running back to Saskatoon

Sometimes a camera.

A shot of the side of the road while driving–this is getting to be a habit, or an odd skill. The field was glistening in the sun, but I wasn’t able to capture the way the light lit the field. The clouds were separating the further north I went, revealing the blue hiding underneath.

Sometimes a reading.

This is a shot of me reading at the bookstore for the Her-icane Festival. Also reading that night: Nancy Cooper, two members of Sisters’ Ink, and Jade Groat.

Sometimes a drink.

A few of us went for a drink to my favourite bar Lydia’s–it always has live music, and I wasn’t disappointed that night as the Sam Mitchell band was playing, complete with the flute–left is Leona Theis, Wynne Nicholson, and Jeanette Lynes.

Sometimes there is laughter.

Sometimes a Guinness.