I recall writing

…this post over a month ago, but that somehow, somewhere, it disappeared into blogger air/history. What I had blogged about was ordering these books: David Berman’s Actual Air , Ted Kooser’s Delights and Shadows, of which there is a review here, and last,but not least, I orderd something a little unusual in Paul Auster‘s Disappearances . What I’m enjoying most is their diversity. Each book has a room of the house: Berman is beside my bed for a late night poem, Kooser bakes in the kitchen, and Auster does the bathing. This unique arrangement, besides letting me read more than one book of poetry at a time, enables me to separate each reading experience. Auster’s book of poems, many of which were written early in his career, has been the most surprising. The lyrical quality of each piece shows movement and reminds me of the prairie in some strange way, while Kooser’s work is so well-crafted and controlled it is interesting to read, but Berman, well, what can I say? His freshness and unique voice have kept me awake for too many nights. Need I say more?