I began thinking about author photos on Monday when in the Bibliography/Research class we were talking about an abstract given by Danielle Schaub , a particular approach to reasearch and her methods on a project of author photos.

Schaub’s abstract is about this project: “Reading and Writing the Self through Reflections of Those Who Dream Us: Interfacing Photography and Literature”. Of course, Schaub is well known for taking Canadian author photos at readings and festivals. Schaub states:

For the writers’ project had an unexpected result for me; it exorcised the past through the combination of text and image. Eventually thanks to the illustrations, the lecture will highlight the impact of the interaction between the texts by certain writers and their photos, namely enabling readers to discover the writer-as-other while granting the photographer reflective self-discovery and self-inscription.

So, my cousin gave me a photo this summer. If I ever get another book I think this might be the picture for it, part of the past merging with the imaginary present.

I believe, judging by the hair, I’m probably 1 and a half years old.