Running back to Saskatoon

Sometimes a camera.

A shot of the side of the road while driving–this is getting to be a habit, or an odd skill. The field was glistening in the sun, but I wasn’t able to capture the way the light lit the field. The clouds were separating the further north I went, revealing the blue hiding underneath.

Sometimes a reading.

This is a shot of me reading at the bookstore for the Her-icane Festival. Also reading that night: Nancy Cooper, two members of Sisters’ Ink, and Jade Groat.

Sometimes a drink.

A few of us went for a drink to my favourite bar Lydia’s–it always has live music, and I wasn’t disappointed that night as the Sam Mitchell band was playing, complete with the flute–left is Leona Theis, Wynne Nicholson, and Jeanette Lynes.

Sometimes there is laughter.

Sometimes a Guinness.

3 thoughts on “Running back to Saskatoon

  1. Ah, Guinness… another universal language…

    You say you weren’t able to capture the way the light lit the field? Never mind, Tracy, what’s more important is that it captured you.

  2. “Faith is where we are
    less filled
    with ourselves, and are
    expected nowhere”
    – Jorie Graham

  3. Thanks to both of you for such thoughtful comments.

    I had my first pint of Guinness last week. It was good–better than I was expecting.

    Last month I had my first glass of Scotch–of course, I’ve been told that it was the best of the best– and it was ok too. This year may be a year of trying things I’ve never tried.

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