Things I am missing tonight

…are as follows:

1) my film class and Apocalypse Now ( also, see the link provided by Brenda in Tues Feb 28th post on The Conversation)

2) a lecture given by Margaret MacMillan on Paris 1919

3) all that extra writing time I had at St. Pete’s

4) St. Pete’s writing colony (this includes everyone)

5) amusing Brenda at St. Pete’s

6) a healthy set of lungs (actually, I think I left one somewhere earlier today)

7) cake–not pancakes (you know, I don’t even consider pancakes part of the cake family, maybe if they had icing on them?)

8) my yard beginning to bud, warmth from the sun flattening a path through the lilac trees, seeds of dew slipping down each blade of grass and sprouting as everything new

3 thoughts on “Things I am missing tonight

  1. I’ll add my nod to numbers 3, 4 & 8. I miss those, too. I had cake yesterday, at my cousin’s house. Puffed wheat. Yummmmmm!

  2. Hmm. My favourite is rice crispie cake–when someone else makes it. Yum.

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