…and now for something compelety different. Maybe even silly. Maybe just plain fun. It’s a snapshot (or a few snapshots) of my virtual shopping trip with Brenda. Now, as I couldn’t find the time to swing up to Creighton and pick up Brenda, I decided to take her along with me, through the wonderful technology of the cell phone, my Blackberry to be exact. I was going to take pictures and email them to her, but for some reason I couldn’t send them to her; I could only save them as a draft, so if any Blackberry savvy people want to give me a clue how to set that I would be grateful.

img000631First we went to Winners so I could get myself some flannel sheets, because it’s cold. At that store I spotted a gold lamé coat that I didn’t buy, mostly because it was hideous, but I did get a few other presents wrapped up there.

Then we moved on to Michael’s where I was hoping to get a wreath, something B is fond of, for the front window, but didn’t; however, I did spy a pink plastic tree!


From there, we moved on to London Drugs, because it was right along the way, and I picked up some blue lights for the outside of the house, which is no longer colour coordinated as there are lights dead all over. While I was there I spotted some more gold lamé.

img00066We jumped back into the car, but the windows kept fogging up, so I had to text Brenda and tell her to quit fogging up the windows, only I misspelled the message, and it came out wrong. Then we drove over to the other end of the parking lot and went The Shoe Warehouse, as I looking for some new boots, for me of course, though I didn’t find any I liked.

img00068And just two doors down is the Pier 1 Imports which is full of delightful Christmas stuff at an already discounted price (it is the 9th today). So, there I tried to be quick because of the overwhelming scent of candles and potpourri, and gather a few glitzy items for the house, but by the time I left I started sneezing, and by the time Brenda and I were done in the store, and finished shopping, our heads had already exploded!


16 thoughts on “ON THE ROAD, AGAIN

  1. Ya, trust me to keep dogging up the windows! 🙂 I must say this was by far the most fun I’ve had shopping! I didn’t even whine too much when we were in Michaels. Hey, those brown boots look pretty nice. Not sure about the heel. I’m still looking for the perfect brown boot. It has to be perfect. And two thumbs down to stinky stores! I only went in there to humor you.

    • You were very well behaved! There was one pair of brown boots that I liked, but they weren’t on sale, and they were overpriced at $170! At least I had plenty of headache rememdy when I got home!

  2. Ah, boots! My weakness. Me, too, Brenda….need to be solid, good heel, not too clunky, not too many buckles or doodads. A bit of — no, a lot of wear…So comfortable you could hike in them…methinks the ones I want are not in stores –I’ll have to pull them off a dead cowboy to get exactly the right ones.

    And b-berry, Tracy? Which kind? I’m half-heartedly looking, but afraid to jump. I want to be able to do email on the road but don’t want to spend too much $$. Need the $$ for boots.

  3. The blackberry is cool. I have the pearl. A red pearl. I can get email anywhere, also hook up the blackberry network (Ariel and I can text each other for free as she has a pearl as well), but it picks up my gmail just fine. It also has Google talk, though I don’t use it on the phone.

    The keyboard is a little small, thus my typo on the texting to Brenda, (which was actually emailing back and forth to the gmail), but I find that if I have a bit of a thumb nail it works good. I can leave email open, though the phone isn’t on (hard to explain), and grab the email whenever I want to; I found when I was at the SWG conference, and emailing back and forth with B, that the more emails in the connection, the longer it took to download if I had to open it everytime.

    It’s not that much more expensive than the previous phone, so considering I do more with email than chatting on the phone, it works well for me. Worth the extra money I think.

    Now if I could just figure out how to send photos, I’m laughing!

  4. Virtual shopping used to mean not-quite shopping, or is that virtually shopping? As for boots, Colin is starting to call me Imelda, but I’m mostly lucky at Value Village. And there is one shade of black, usually.

    • Hey Bernie, I think we did both! I virtually did some shopping, and Brenda virtually was along, in a virtual way.

      I’ve never found anything at VV that fits, shoes or boots, so you’re very lucky to find them there! I really do need a new pair of winter boots though, as mine are giving up on the world, and me I guess.

  5. more on boots….do you have a Softmoc store in SK? They have a website, too….amazing boots…

  6. I think it was me fogging up the windows. It was all that gold lamé.

    There’s a great place to get boots here, but right now it’s late at night, and I should be in bed reading Ondaatje, so I can’t remember the name. It’s close to Flint.

    mmmmm. gold lamé AND boots!

    • That darned gold lamé!

      Okay Lia, we’re on for boot shopping when I come to read in January! I’m so fed up with boot shopping here! (Although I managed to buy some really great shoes tonight, but not boots!)

  7. Yes, Boots are nearly impossible to find second-hand unless you happen to hit the store right after some fashion victim with your shoe size did a closet clean-out. It has happened to me only twice in the last five years. I’m into shopping around Salon time, too. I know that store, Lia, the store of my blue psychedelic tights.

    • Well, January sounds like quite an adventure. I hope the jeans fit Lia, cause I’m dying to see you in them! And the blue psychedelic tights, oh my, I feel hardly fit to be around such goddesses!

  8. what are boots? (says she of the west coast) I left Edmonton just when it was hitting -30 C with windchill, and my cowboy boots were clearly not going to cut it

    we wear these rather hideous 1/2 rubber boot thingys out here and just suffer for our 1 – 2 week max. snow season… to be honest, I prefer winter to this never ending rainy season…

    and lori, have you thought of an iphone?

  9. Yes, boots are must, boots with lining are even better. Mine have a special thermal lining in them, and they’re supposed to keep the natural body heat in the boot to help keep your feet warm. It’s too cold today to go outside and see if they work.

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