…if I’m neurotic in a classic sense, probably not, stubborn yes, perhaps the greatest procrastinator, but I’m wondering if a neurotic person ever suffers from writer’s blog block? If so, I’m thinking I’ve probably had it before. Been there, done that, maybe even got it now. Why? I know you’re asking because the slightly neurotic part of me thinks that you’re thinking these things while you read. And I’ll tell you in my most sincere voice, that when I blog I seem to write more, which means, more poems, more emails, more fluff, more of everything, and so lately I’m thinking that I need to write more on the blog, because I need to get the thesis finished. But I’m not really doing it well right now. I can’t even think of much to say, except to blither on for 6 lines or more about nothing in particular. And now I won’t be blogging much in the next few weeks either, busy with life in general, parties, people, holidays, etc. I guess that means the thesis will suffer. Somehow life does have a way of intruding, of blocking the block, or a block in the blocking. So until then, perhaps this video block will suffice.