…and now for something compelety different. Maybe even silly. Maybe just plain fun. It’s a snapshot (or a few snapshots) of my virtual shopping trip with Brenda. Now, as I couldn’t find the time to swing up to Creighton and pick up Brenda, I decided to take her along with me, through the wonderful technology of the cell phone, my Blackberry to be exact. I was going to take pictures and email them to her, but for some reason I couldn’t send them to her; I could only save them as a draft, so if any Blackberry savvy people want to give me a clue how to set that I would be grateful.

img000631First we went to Winners so I could get myself some flannel sheets, because it’s cold. At that store I spotted a gold lamé coat that I didn’t buy, mostly because it was hideous, but I did get a few other presents wrapped up there.

Then we moved on to Michael’s where I was hoping to get a wreath, something B is fond of, for the front window, but didn’t; however, I did spy a pink plastic tree!


From there, we moved on to London Drugs, because it was right along the way, and I picked up some blue lights for the outside of the house, which is no longer colour coordinated as there are lights dead all over. While I was there I spotted some more gold lamé.

img00066We jumped back into the car, but the windows kept fogging up, so I had to text Brenda and tell her to quit fogging up the windows, only I misspelled the message, and it came out wrong. Then we drove over to the other end of the parking lot and went The Shoe Warehouse, as I looking for some new boots, for me of course, though I didn’t find any I liked.

img00068And just two doors down is the Pier 1 Imports which is full of delightful Christmas stuff at an already discounted price (it is the 9th today). So, there I tried to be quick because of the overwhelming scent of candles and potpourri, and gather a few glitzy items for the house, but by the time I left I started sneezing, and by the time Brenda and I were done in the store, and finished shopping, our heads had already exploded!