…yes indeed, it’s that time again. Time for the tree. And if you know me as well as I know me, you will know I’m not willing to settle for just any tree, nor am I willing to settle for a gag-cough-sputter “fake” tree (which is not only environmentally bad, it’s just wrong), but I like my trees BIG. Yes. BIG. Nothing wrong with a BIG tree. The BIGGER the better. Well, this year doesn’t compare width wise to last year’s tree, which took up half the living room, but hey, it’s pretty damn good.


And to give you some impression of the actual size  (I’m 5’9″ but leaning  in a bit here):


A few new ornaments this year, (also my new screensaver).


5 thoughts on “TREE!!

  1. could I get a couple of those ornaments for my tree? where’d you get them?

    lovely tree T, I agree that they must be real

    • Oh dear, I can’t possibly begin to figure out where all the decorations came from as they’ve come from all over the place. Some are handmade, some are store bought; I pick up a few new ones each year if they strike my fancy. There are many with pictures of the girls as they grew, which they used to take great delight in putting up each (and still do, trying to put themselves in good light), and there are many that have been lost over the past decade or so, due to various means of tragedy. Overall, they’ve accumulated, but as you can see, I like a semblance of order to the colour, which is gold and white, and other than that, it’s a free-for-all.

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