6 thoughts on “WIR FLIEGEN

  1. Need better lighting!! 🙂

    Now I am going to have that Happy Trails song in my head all day… thanks for nothin! At least I can infect my coworkers with it.

  2. An update: We’re both still alive–Vienna is very grand indeed. The architecture is so amazing, one fabulous building after another. I don’t see a usb port on this computer to upload some pictures, but as soon as I find a reliable one I will post some. We’re heading out to St.Pölten, Austria for a few days and plan to take the train first to Tulln to visit a museum, and then head again by train to Cesky Krumlov for a week. The weather has been warm, we have slight skin discolourations, but small price to pay for beautiful weather. We’ve also mastered the U-bahn–subway system, but still have a bit of trouble with an international keyboard while typing.

    Auf Weidersehn!

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