…in more ways than one, burned itself out to find me here sitting with one week remaining on a trip I’ve been planning for months. I’ve spent the week trying to figure out a plan of research, and I’m slowly losing myself in the daydream of being on a Vienna street, watching the Viennese saunter past me, looking at the architecture, and immersing myself in the culture.

Last week I also read a book recommended by Brenda Schmidt (and borrowed from B, thanks) and by Lorri Neilsen Glenn (Halifax poet laureate). It was Joel Hynes first novel Down to the Dirt. It was a fast read as it was quite engaging. I enjoyed the narrative, which used three different narratives to portray the character of Keith, and how the slide into addiction/dysfunction coincides with the slide from the triple narrative, to a single narrative voice. “Gritty” is a very accurate description.

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  1. I will have comments for you tonight, if you still want them or not. Tummy was upset all weekend. 😦

  2. Tracy:

    I’m so glad you’ve read Down to the Dirt– apparently Joel has
    another book coming out soon. He’s in quite a few CBC/Mary Walsh
    productions, and also works as an actor in St. John’s. I found myself mesmerized by the character — others are horrified, especially by the cat event.

    Soon– soon! — you and Brenda will be winging your way to Wienna
    (sorry, couldn’t resist)…have a ball. I’ll be across the pond by April 24th-crawling around Crete–funny to think that we’ll be fewer miles away from each other over there than we are here….(oh, and Rhona too, I guess. I haven’t checked out her blog yet, but will)

    Enjoy the research, the sightseeing, all of it. Safe travels to
    you both.


  3. Hey Lorri–thanks for the wishes. Sorry about your name–I thought I’d double checked it, but I guess not. 🙂

    Soon, soon. Good luck with your own trip, Crete crawling, and don’t forget to visit in May along with that other fabulous babe Jeanette!

    And I agree with you, the Keith character was mesmerizing because he was so disturbing–in an odd way, normal, and quite realistically characterized, which is why he was probably so horrifying to some. I look forward to his next book.

  4. have a great time you two… I’m in Edinburgh and it’s wonderful… thank God you don’t have to touch a single centimeter of Heathrow. Write if you get a chance!

  5. Joel Hynes recorded an unabridged audio edition of Down to the Dirt with Newfoundland audio publisher Rattling Books in 2006. Narrated by Joel, Sherry White and Jonny Harris. Available from

  6. Thanks Suzanne. I do hope you enjoy your sheepish adventure. I knew I picked Frankfurt for a reason, although it’s supposed to be huge.

    Thanks Janet for the info. I’m going to look into that as I’m sure it sounds fantastic. It’s structured much like monologue so I imagine the reading, esp. by the author, enhances the story.

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