…made an appearance at the first annual muse party that was held in conjunction with Talking Fresh 5. I have never tried Absinthe, but I did at the party, thanks to the muse shirted Brenda and Harvey Schmidt. B & H each made their own muse shirts, Brenda’s a lovely yellow shirt with a picture of her artwork, part of a painting she said, of H’s head, upon which was written a lively limerick edited by none other than the infamous George Murray and John MacKenzie, and H had a white shirt which held dictionary definitions of the word muse (so, pictures of these super shirts would be nice seeing as the host didn’t have the time to get any, hint, hint). Also, there was talk of an edgier limerick that didn’t make the shirting. Perhaps another time/place/muse. Another muse party goer, Annette Bower, brought me my muse of flowers (they’re still standing at attention on the fireplace mantle, as if waiting for another party). Next year will be bigger and better I figure, now that I’ve got the green fairy lurking about the house, and of course, the first year’s goers are ready to outdo themselves in creating their muse, which should encourage new muse-goers to create a-musing muses.

Talking Fresh, of course, was terrific. This was my fifth partial attendance; I didn’t make it to the panel on Friday afternoon, but I went to the readings, which were fresh and interesting. Maybe one of these years I can attend the complete event. Saturday was a full day of interesting conversational style discussions with each of the authors. The topic on hand was faith and the wonderful audience participation/interaction provided many intriguing insights and thought-provoking moments. The weekend was a great success for the 5th time, so thanks to those responsible for providing such a great literary exchange.


In another note, I will be leaving on my research adventure soon enough (2 weeks and counting–don’t know if I’ll be able to provide any blogging while away, but perhaps if I can swing it, a pic or 2).

And speaking of treks, I’m planning to follow this blog this summer as Suzanne Steele and her family trek to raise money for Victoria’s NICU.

6 thoughts on “THE GREEN FAIRY

  1. You’re a great host! I ate far too much.

    I should note here that the generous editing by George and John followed my email plea for help. Subject: Please help me with my limerick. I mean, the world simply does not need another lumpy limerick.

  2. I thought about bringing my own muse–a book I rely heavily on “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Poetry.” But thought against it.

  3. Hey, that might’ve been fun. We’ve could’ve used it for party tricks, or something. Bring it next year!

  4. Tracy, I’ll be thinking of you as I have my hand up some sheep’s nether regions, helping deliver a lamb in the frigging, freezing Hebridean weather, while you and Brenda will be sipping on your Kaffe mit Mozart kuchen… and breathing in the middle-European spring on a warm April day!

    keep in touch, bon voyage to you

    p.s. no need to worry about the Muse… he/she is ALWAYS with you!

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