…in more ways than one, burned itself out to find me here sitting with one week remaining on a trip I’ve been planning for months. I’ve spent the week trying to figure out a plan of research, and I’m slowly losing myself in the daydream of being on a Vienna street, watching the Viennese saunter past me, looking at the architecture, and immersing myself in the culture.

Last week I also read a book recommended by Brenda Schmidt (and borrowed from B, thanks) and by Lorri Neilsen Glenn (Halifax poet laureate). It was Joel Hynes first novel Down to the Dirt. It was a fast read as it was quite engaging. I enjoyed the narrative, which used three different narratives to portray the character of Keith, and how the slide into addiction/dysfunction coincides with the slide from the triple narrative, to a single narrative voice. “Gritty” is a very accurate description.