Grüss Gott

…von St. Pölten, Austria.  Today we rode the train (I was a train virgin) from Wien to St. Pölten. Quite an interesting ride, seeing the countryside from the window of a train. Right now we’re at the Cinema Paradiso, a bar/cafe that gives free internet access to customers willing to purchase their products. So I’m having another bier, they’re cheap over here ($.79 (Euros) in the store), in fact often the beer is cheaper than water, and b’s having some more kaffee, and we’re posting while asking some nice young man beside how the hell to spell things.  The research has been going well; we’ve hit every museum and art gallery that could be possibly be associated with my project, often taking in more than mz fair share of divine art( the Mumok (Museum of Modern Art for example had a Yves Klein exhibit which included most of the blue series, as well as much art that included text and art), and then some. We’ve been to the Belvedere (a castle) which houses many artists, and wandered the gardens (which can’t even be described). We’ve wandered the garden of the Shönbrunn Palace, which are outstanding and immense. We’ve walked miles and miles in admist the cigarette smoke, the diving pigeons, the crowds, and the beautiful weather. Vienna is everthing and nothing like I expected it to be. The buildings are old and built one on top of each other.  So far I haven’t had to use much german as most people can speak English, although here in St. Pölten, they don’t quite speak as well, so I’ve had a chance to use my spattering of german rather hesitantly, but often successfully (probably due more to their knowledge of english rather than my knowledge of german). Navigating is the easiest. The germans are very efficient. The train was smooth, the U-bahn is easy to find/use; most of all, we’ve been getting by quite well. This is day 7 and one more week to go. Tomorrow more trains and a ride to Tulln. On the 18 we leave for Cesky Krumlov.  Computer connections are getting smaller and smaller. Tschüss!

4 thoughts on “Grüss Gott

  1. Fun, Tracy. Post more when you get the chance. Nice to think of the two of you over there wandering European streets and riding the trains.

  2. sounds great you two… I’m back from the Hebrides and in Edinburgh… weather great, people great, beer and everything really expensive but great! did a short reading at the Scottish Poetry Library last night… I think it went okay… drop me a line if you get a chance… sznn
    p.s. how is the Brenda/Tracy lottery going???

  3. More videos, please — that was funny with the two of you waving as you left.

    And I hope you’re winning the lottery, not those who put money on one day, two days, or six.

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