…for trying to relieve writing fatigue: take a web-page in another language you’re trying to slog your way through with basic said-language instruction, and when you sigh with the weariness of trying to read your way through the article, use the computer to translate it . I did this one–(the original)–and it just doesn’t quite read like the original had been reading; funny though, in a tired sense of the word.

The Yard: Blooming

Some ground ivy (top)
and the lilac, opening

This is a flower from the tree pictured on the bottom. There are four crab-apple trees in my yard–two are tall and thin like this one, but multi-petalled, and two are wider trees, fewer petals, but equally stunning; I can’t get a good picture of all four at once.

Why I’m not a sunflower

…or a hollyhock, a daisy, a dandelion, a hop, or a delephinium. All of this is irrelevant, and so very relevant. If you’ve been following along to MayDay, you’ll know by now that I’ve been somewhat fixated on flower poems. I found this book review interesting in the light of my recent poetry addiction. Quite frankly, I still think there’s a lot they can’t explain because I’m not a butterfly either–although I flutter around quite well most days. (It must be the hair–remnants of a monarch maybe).


…for a quiz. I’m not so sure about this one. A literary Mood-Matcher. When I finished the quiz, I was told I was having an existential crisis. I already knew that, why else would I take the freakin’ quiz!