…is where the computer is. I must confess that after being internet deprived for nearly three full days (somehow that sounds pathetic), I didn’t really miss reading the masses of email each day, nor did I miss the internet, but that I did miss reading the poems and responding to MayDay. I was at Manitou Springs Resort strategically planning SWG methodology for upcoming strategy, for two and half wonderful mosquito filled days. I had the greatest and most stimulating view of the lake from my fourth floor room. It was good for two poems–what little time I had to write was in the early morning, although fortunately, my room faced east and the sun rose on the poems (that sounds more intense than it was).

The drive was interesting–lots of broken pavement–more than just a pothole here and there, I must add–and the birds for some reason had developed a new and strange art of buzzing the front of the car–two ducks swooped the hood, I nearly hit (this close) a red-winged black-bird, and a flock of black-birds (didn’t quite make them out) swooped the entire car on the way home. O. D. D.

Manitou is really overlooked as a unique resort and offers an interesting experience of dead-sea like waters, small hills, creative energy and shopping. (I didn’t buy a skirt, but found a great top for an ok price–it will go with a few skirts I already own). And, for something completely different, we ate cake.