…for a quiz. I’m not so sure about this one. A literary Mood-Matcher. When I finished the quiz, I was told I was having an existential crisis. I already knew that, why else would I take the freakin’ quiz!

3 thoughts on “Time

  1. T., I think it’s fixed. I did the quiz twice, offering different answers each time and it still told me I was having an existential crisis. Well, maybe I am, but I still think it’s fixed.

  2. Hey, that’s very clever of them. That means we’re not having the existential moments afterall.

    To hell with them. I’m having a crisis anyway.

  3. i also did the quiz twice changing answers, some not all, and i got this:
    Honestly, if you won’t even answer the questions properly… you’re obviously feeling rather silly today. So here’s some verse that’s even worse.

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