5 thoughts on “The Yard: Pre-blossoming

  1. Deep purple lilacs – and also the white ones – are my absolute favorites. Though pussywillows win out as the official scent-of-spring…

  2. Anita:Ahh-thanks!

    Ariel: I agree whole-heartedly, pussy-willows are one of my faves; I was pumped to get them on my book cover.

    Brenda: Here’s mud in your eye–or should I say up your nose! Thanks.

    I was very pleased with the camera yesterday. There was a slight breeze so I didn’t think a clear image was possible, but even blown-up the image is crystal clear, and in fact, full of interesting little details, such as pollen. I have the expanded version on my screensaver as I thought it was time to get rid of the snow covered pine tree from St. Pete’s.

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