Darwinism. What next, literary calculus? Or perhaps literary kinesiology? I think any lens is possible when reading literature. We read into text and language our own idea/bias. I agree with Einstein that a “theory defines what we can see”, but perhaps, more precisely, we define what theories we see.

I have spent

…most of the day with Margaret Atwood. What fun. What I’m wondering today is why, oh why, did/do the Margarets, both Atwood, and Laurence, feel they must leave no stone unturned within their fiction? Why do they not leave something to dangle? After rereading The Handmaid’s Tale for the umpteenth time, I’m reminded so much how every word must lead somewhere, instead of nowhere. Why is that? Is there a rule about this? Is this marketing or what readers really want? This reminds me of DeLillo, and The Body Artist. How strange and cativating that small novel was/is to me as a reader. So like real life; there is so much, and there is nothing.

Tonight I’m listening

…to the birds, robins mostly, wind up the day with a song, and teenagers, wind up their day with a song, and the competition is fierce. I’m happy to be stuck in the basement working away. Well, happy is not the right word, but I suppose I can be grateful that at least the teenagers will still be asleep at 5am when the robins begin chirping. Tonight with the blanket of spring warmth layering our city, the windows are open and their voices drown the chatter of my fingers on the keys.

I’ve been practicing with some literary quizzes in case I ever get a chance to play Holly and kimmy in Trivial Pursuit –The Book Lover’s Edition. It’s not doing me much good. There are some tough questions in both the game and the quiz. Perhaps the thing to do is to read. Ah, I’ll begin with Arrogance by Joanna Scott.

One more week

…of classes (well, I suppose that’s a lie, as I go only on Monday and Tuesday), and then it’s a gruelling week of finals (well, ok, that may be a lie as well, as in one class we’ll be getting a list of final questions in advance, and they’re not memory, but essay questions for all of the finals–although that can be tiring), but then, it’s off with the old, and on with the new. I’ve signed up for 4 fall classes, because I could: the philosophy of Hannah Arendt, the British boys (modern poetry– Eliot, Yeats, Hardy, Hopkins, and Auden), more creative writing–a genred honours course in which I can choose the genre, and the Greek and Roman epic class. One last load.

Here are Holly Calder and kimmy beach at supper in Humboldt.

This is the wicked game of Trivial Pursuit, the book edition that we were playing.

This is the crowd at the reading. If you squint you can make out yours truly at the podium. It was a great turnout and we had cake, and other assorted dainties. (I didn’t see any cupcakes though).
We read in alphabetical order, so kimmy went before I did, and was able to take this picture. I didn’t get a good shot of kimmy reading, though as I was sitting at the wrong angle to the podium.

Sandra Birdsell reading from her new novel Children of the Day.

Ryan Land, a poet and one of the editors of the magazine had many fine contributors from his high school creative writing classes, as well as numerous students from Allan Safarik’s creative writing at St. Peter’s college.

Ah, the after reading.

Here is my driving shot, this one is of the valley and the southern corner of Long Lake. (This was taken from the passenger side as I’m driving home, but it looks very much like I’m driving downhill into the water).

St Pete’s

…is the town of choice on Monday April 3rd. I’m driving up tomorrow to have a brief fling with the Abbey, with the monks, with the college, with kimmy beach, with the Society magazine, which has published a poem of mine that I will be reading that night. More than anything, I’m looking forward to visiting, not sleeping, writing, reading, getting something done on my essays–??–relaxing, and maybe, just maybe, there will be cupcakes. Real women eat cupcakes.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, or within a fifty mile radius of Muenster, come out and enjoy the launch.