Tonight I’m listening

…to the birds, robins mostly, wind up the day with a song, and teenagers, wind up their day with a song, and the competition is fierce. I’m happy to be stuck in the basement working away. Well, happy is not the right word, but I suppose I can be grateful that at least the teenagers will still be asleep at 5am when the robins begin chirping. Tonight with the blanket of spring warmth layering our city, the windows are open and their voices drown the chatter of my fingers on the keys.

I’ve been practicing with some literary quizzes in case I ever get a chance to play Holly and kimmy in Trivial Pursuit –The Book Lover’s Edition. It’s not doing me much good. There are some tough questions in both the game and the quiz. Perhaps the thing to do is to read. Ah, I’ll begin with Arrogance by Joanna Scott.

2 thoughts on “Tonight I’m listening

  1. so lovely…
    spring is slowly coming to st. john’s as well, snow is melting fast, leaving unfortunate puddles of dog shit everywhere!
    but we have many trees in our backyard and starlings are nesting.
    maybe i’ll go hunting crocus’for my garden, very civilized way to spend a sunday.

  2. I’m always amazed with what is exposed in spring, whether it was what the wind blew into my yard, or what the birds left behind, or the kids left it out, but it’s a bit like finding something you’ve lost, and forgotten you’ve lost it.

    Crocus hunting sounds delightful! It should be a national spring sport. (Although I have none in garden).

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