Book Sale!!!!!!

Jeez, I love those words, not that I have a problem with books, only that people should hang on to such treasures. The Regina Symphony book sale is on at the mall, which is only one block away from my house–the mall incidently that contains the wonderful Winners store, to which I can accredit the 23 skirts in my wardrobe (somehow that sounds worse than it is). So here’s what I found today (the exciting part is each day (much like Winners) there is new stuff, and they keep refilling the shelves from the boxes of donated books–funny (not ha, ha), but people keep threatening to come to my panic room and remove items for said sale, (not)):

One hardback copy (mint condition–no writing within) of The Complete Pelican Shakespeare for my older daughter (15): $9.00
Selected Poems–Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi–$.50
Discourse on Thinking–Martin Heidegger–$1.00
The Story of the Iliad–$.50
Gulliver’s Travels –Jonathan Swift–(an older copy)–$.50
The Kingfisher–Amy Clampitt–$1.00
T.S.Eliot–Critique–T.S. Pearce(for the British boys course in fall) $1.50
Fifty Contemporary Thinkers: From Structualism to Postmodernity–John Lechte–$2.50
The Picador Book of Comtemporary Irish Fiction–Dermot Bolger–(huge)–$3.00
Water is the First World–Susan Andrews Grace–(do I hear gasps?)-$1.00
the breath you take from the lord–Patrick Friesen–$1.00

and one CD of Cole Porter’s hits by various artists–$2.00

Hours of enjoyment–priceless!!!!

Not bad. I can hardly wait to go back tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after. (I hope it’s over by Sunday, but then again, maybe not).