Here are Holly Calder and kimmy beach at supper in Humboldt.

This is the wicked game of Trivial Pursuit, the book edition that we were playing.

This is the crowd at the reading. If you squint you can make out yours truly at the podium. It was a great turnout and we had cake, and other assorted dainties. (I didn’t see any cupcakes though).
We read in alphabetical order, so kimmy went before I did, and was able to take this picture. I didn’t get a good shot of kimmy reading, though as I was sitting at the wrong angle to the podium.

Sandra Birdsell reading from her new novel Children of the Day.

Ryan Land, a poet and one of the editors of the magazine had many fine contributors from his high school creative writing classes, as well as numerous students from Allan Safarik’s creative writing at St. Peter’s college.

Ah, the after reading.

Here is my driving shot, this one is of the valley and the southern corner of Long Lake. (This was taken from the passenger side as I’m driving home, but it looks very much like I’m driving downhill into the water).

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  1. What a wonderful turnout! Looks like you had a fab time šŸ™‚ I have some old connections with Humboldt. Is Mario’s restaurant still around?

  2. It was a great time. I enjoyed spending some time with kimmy and Holly, the reading, and our evening with Sandra and Yann.

    I don’t know anything about Mario’s, as I’ve not seen it, but it still may be there somewhere. They had a wonderful little place on Main St. called The Prairie Perk, but we noticed a sign on the window that it was closed due, (I think), to a change in management, or something like that.

  3. tracy, ryan assured me that the PP did not go under. in fact, business was so good, that the owners were unable to spend any time with their families! an offer was made the day they decided to shit it down, and it will reopen in june, as far as he knows. and there was Much Rejoicing!

  4. Tracy, the pics are great. They gave me a case of the wish-I’d-been-theres. I too have played that humbling version of Trivial Pursuit that Holly packs. She’s very good at it.

    I love the typo in Kimmy’s comment.

  5. Thanks kimmy and Leona.

    I’m happy to hear the PP will still be there.

    Yes, Holly was good at the game, but kimmy was pretty darn good at it too.

    I love the typo too!

  6. i didn’t see that darn typo!!! ah well, what was going on in my head when i typed it, i’ll never know. it’s a mystery for the ages. that’ll learn me to hit “Preview”

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