One more week

…of classes (well, I suppose that’s a lie, as I go only on Monday and Tuesday), and then it’s a gruelling week of finals (well, ok, that may be a lie as well, as in one class we’ll be getting a list of final questions in advance, and they’re not memory, but essay questions for all of the finals–although that can be tiring), but then, it’s off with the old, and on with the new. I’ve signed up for 4 fall classes, because I could: the philosophy of Hannah Arendt, the British boys (modern poetry– Eliot, Yeats, Hardy, Hopkins, and Auden), more creative writing–a genred honours course in which I can choose the genre, and the Greek and Roman epic class. One last load.

3 thoughts on “One more week

  1. Yeah, don’t let all that heavy analysis and erudite stuff distract you from the real thing, Tracy.

  2. Yes, a heavy load, but then I’m done, done, done. (Did I say I was finished my degree?)

    Pete: I will try to let it not distract me, but to let it stimulate me instead, as that sometimes happens.

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