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  1. Good interview Tracy! And very cool to see you with your daughters…Very beautiful

    • Thanks Linda!! It was strange to answer these questions at first, as they’re something I never really thought about. Being a mother and being a writer is just something I do, though it isn’t really like other jobs, is it?

  2. Hi T: Just had a chat on Saturday with a psych prof who is interested in writer-mothers and their experiences. I just sent him here. What I had told him was this;

    People always say it is hard for mothers to be writers because they don’t have enough time — hard, but not impossible. I say, it is hard for people who aren’t mothers to be writers because they don’t get the full experience of human nature, both by being, and watching other/s become — hard but not impossible.

    Why is this discussion always about what mothers lack, and not about what non-mothers lack?

    I deliberately chose motherhood over graduate studies because of the kind of learning on offer. It seemed to me to be be a choice between academic knowledge and the knowledge of what it is to be woman like those of our ancestry, what it is to be human, and what it is to be a good human, which I take to be defined as wisdom, rather than knowledge. By good human, I mean someone progressing in the knowledge of how to relate well to other human beings, children, etc.

    Does this make sense, or am I speaking from the tower of someone who doesn’t need to earn money with a doctorate, and who grew up in a warped religious background?

  3. Maybe it also depends on what kind of a writer you are, and what your writing process is? I know for me experience/learning from/within the world is an integral part of my writing process, but academic knowledge is also equally important to my growth as a writer.

    I think freedom of choice is a very strong point to what you’re saying; in the end, we’re lucky to be able to do so.

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