So, this is what one does when you’re in Hamilton with writing friends who have book or events that need author photos. One gathers as many cameras as one can, heads down to the waterfront, and clicks away. Personally, as a bit of a diva, I’m never really satisfied with many of my pictures; however, on the waterfront, there appear to be many divas that are only too happy to pose.


I was using my little portable camera, my friend Linda Frank’s camera, which was better yet and had great lenses, but the people on the waterfront gave rise to much camera envy, some sporting cameras with foot long lenses.


There’s no snow here in Hamilton, the weather has been agreeable, and there’s not been much wind, but standing on the waterfront, I realized that by looking out onto the horizon of the water and sky, there isn’t much difference between that and a prairie view (well, minus the smog/haze that hangs low here); the water spans for miles, like a flat prairie only less solid underneath; it stretches beyond your immediate sightline and out into the lands you can almost see, almost fly off into, if you’re a swan.