…the jar of salsa (sorry, no picture here will satisfy the intense craving one will feel upon seeing the delicious condiment–so I thought I’d spare you), and I’ve burned a copy of the Klazz Brothers Cuba Percussion (this band happens to be playing in Vienna when we are there :-)).
I’m retiring from my duties as an SWG Board member, sad but true; I’ll miss the Friday line-up of events, so I’ll be expecting a full low-down from whoever goes, but hopefully I’ll be arriving in town in time to catch some of the Saturday afternoon readings, and, of course, in time ultimately to amuse some people.

I’m looking forward to the John V. Hicks Award Dinner, and congrats to Barbara Sapergia, Gordon Portman, and Geoffrey Ursell on the wins.

And don’t forget to visit the rockstarpoet‘s new blogosphere. It seems every day is a new blog template. Or not.

9 thoughts on “I’VE PACKED

  1. Seems like just yesterday when you were voted in. Oh how the time flies on this cowpoke trail…

    I have been in a real cowboy mood lately. I think the superficial “cowboys” of Calgary have gotten into my subconscious and now I am pretending too. At least I have been on a farm more than once in my life and rode a few horses…

    Yes, there is a new rockstarpoet.ca but things should be fairly stable from here on out. WordPress is amazing. It wasn’t even that difficult to learn… or as hard as I thought it might be.

  2. I need to learn how to read and drive, and as someone so quickly pointed out to me today, then I can take a picture of myself driving and reading.

    Rhett: Howdy, yup, it sure does seem like not long on the cowtrail.

    Like everything in life, WordPress has its moments too.

  3. I just signed up my membership in Alberta’s Guild, no more need for the stupid SWG! What did it ever do for me???

    … (I wish there were emoticons so I could clearly define my sarcasm)

  4. Sadly, I’ve not much to report from my end–I sang to Linda Ronstadt on the way up (funny how one remembers the words to songs, but not what I did yesterday), made it to Saskatoon in time for the readings by Warren Cariou and Denise Chong, which were great, Chong’s reading in particular was intensely moving. The dinner was good, especially when one is hungry.

    The open mike, manned by Gerry Hill was, again, superb. Hill’s amazing ability to take arcane facts and apply them as intros was, as usual, entertaining. The AGM was wonderfully uneventful, and short, I believe we were out of there by 11:30 am. So, as you can tell from my end, short, but bitter-sweet. I retired my board-hat in lieu of going on into the real world on the pretense of attempting to be a real writer.

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