…I haven’t been sleeping much, and now I’m slightly behind on my school reading. I think its all just a byproduct of the weather, but nonetheless, it has laid me up with a nasty chest cold. I think the necessary remedy is to pick up one of the “real” books I keep staring at (I’m thinking of Lynn Coady’s short story collection Play the Monster Blind)–I’m sure I could read a few stories before I must cook.

The turkey is under my wing today, so Happy Thanksgiving. Eat lots of pie–some of you stop eating so much pie.

8 thoughts on “LATELY

  1. Double hey! I had two pieces of pie on Saturday, none on Sunday and one today. That’s a demonstration of restraint if ever there was one.

    The not sleeping thing might have something to do with 1) The Stones being in town, or 2) the recent full moon, or 3) the approach of All Hallow’s Eve or 4) all of the above, or 5) like you said.

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling good. Hope all’s well soon.

  2. As far as pie, I’ve managed to limit myself to 2 pieces. Mostly because I can’t taste much anyway.

    Thanks Brenda and Berlynn for the well-wishing.

  3. Though normally I have to endure two or three thanksgivings, this year, due to a variety of factors, I had none…

    And though I didn’t get cake, or pie, or a single square, I relished the quiet. No back and forth bickering from the adults, no screams from the overexcited children, no rampaging pets…

    I hope you’re feeling better, Tracy…how’s the reading coming?

  4. I am sending poor wishes! Stay sick! That’s the sort of fellow I am. Always mean, mean, mean.

    I was going to post, prior to seeing the comments, that Brenda should go easy on the pie, but I was too late. Sorry Brenda, I have failed to protect you from delicious pies.

    Okay, okay. Tracy, get better. I’m sorry. Thanksgiving was fantastic on my end. Many leftovers, all for me.

    Tracy, I think it’s time you take this place public.

  5. Ariel: My reading load is a bit better as I’ve found the version of The Odyssey that we’re doing quite easy to read. And the fact that we’ve spent 2 days on Yeats is really a bonus–5 poems in 2 days isn’t a complex thing.

    Thanks Rhett, I think. What’s public got to do with anything? Isn’t this fun the way it is?

    Brenda–It seems like such a cycle. Ha!

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