Believing Belief

…or not. That’s the question today. I’ve been studying modern British poetry (this poem is my favorite from this week) for the past month and a half, and this week we focused on the unusual belief system of William Butler Yeats. The whole system is interesting, in the way it gave Yeats a foundation for his poetry. The many references to his system infuse the works he produced. Of course, whether he fully believed the system isn’t really something I worry about, afterall, he produced what he intended to produce (poems) by producing a system within which to produce it. If that makes any sense. We make sense of what we can I suppose.


…the jar of salsa (sorry, no picture here will satisfy the intense craving one will feel upon seeing the delicious condiment–so I thought I’d spare you), and I’ve burned a copy of the Klazz Brothers Cuba Percussion (this band happens to be playing in Vienna when we are there :-)).
I’m retiring from my duties as an SWG Board member, sad but true; I’ll miss the Friday line-up of events, so I’ll be expecting a full low-down from whoever goes, but hopefully I’ll be arriving in town in time to catch some of the Saturday afternoon readings, and, of course, in time ultimately to amuse some people.

I’m looking forward to the John V. Hicks Award Dinner, and congrats to Barbara Sapergia, Gordon Portman, and Geoffrey Ursell on the wins.

And don’t forget to visit the rockstarpoet‘s new blogosphere. It seems every day is a new blog template. Or not.