A wave

…of something hits me every spring and I place fish in the rain barrel to eat mosquito larvae, and it usually works, if the fish live. This year 2 pond goldfish and 2 calico fantails have survived for well over a month (even with the June threat of being washed away from too much rain). Another wave just hit me (I must amuse myself somehow). A recent email has got me thinking about names for the goldfish. I’ve decided to call them all “untitled”. “untitled #1” “untitled #2” etc.

7 thoughts on “A wave

  1. Brilliant – makes mew wonder what untitled would have looked like on a birth certificate…

  2. When I was a teen, I looked after a friend’s tank of goldfish. One by one they died, and one by one I replaced them. I kept a log for my friend as to which died when, and which they were replaced with. I gave the new fish names of Shakespeare characters, which I thought much more interesting.

    I also replaced her plain old gold goldfish with spotted ones, which again, I thought much more interesting. My friend came home and was in a panic, thinking her fish were diseased! I was happy to point out the log, assuring her with a no, they were actually dead, and these were new much more interesting ones.

    She never had me look after her fish again…

  3. Thanks B.

    Anita–Great story. Hope you’re still relaxed from the cruise.

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