Poetry exercises and a found title

…a list of exercises derived from things I thought I saw, and subsequently thought about far too much during my walk through Wascana Centre:

1. Write a poem about how many white dogs you see in the park (I swear it must have been some sort of dog convention as they all looked like the same breed (but what do I know about dogs?))

2. Write a poem on why the dogs seek contact with other dogs and with people in the park, while people tend to look away from each other.

3. Write a poem about the horse dung on the sidewalk (yes, horse–if not, I’m afraid there is something very wrong with the geese).

4. Write a poem about the difference between those really walking and those walking simply.

5. Title of a poem: On Being Susan Sontag (although I’m not quite sure I’m up to that one yet).

6. Write a poem about the people who exercise lists about writing poems.