…I’ve begun this new blog on somewhat of a hairy note, I’ve decided to continue what I’ve started.  Today in my email was a link to a book about people with red-hair (thanks B). I find it fascinating– all the hype over one hair colour. I did a short paper once for an expository class about the myths of those with red hair.  Judas was rumoured to have red hair.

So to go along with this theme I found a poem by Li-Young Lee–hair it is.

Hair I am


This is all more confusing and less confusing than it should be. I’ve decided to set up shop here for awhile as I’m extremely exhausted from dealing with the cyber-spam that my Blogger account seems to have attracted. Hopefully, this will be a quieter, more comment friendly atmosphere. If not, I can’t say what will happen.

So, welcome to my new home here at WordPress. I still haven’t quite figured everything out. I believe that will take a long time. There is more and less here than than at my previous blog. I certainly aim to be more impersonal and writing conscious with my posts, although I’m not certain I’ve the ability.

That said, I was thinking about repetition and how it applied to poetry, so I looked up fractals and poetry to see what was available. Here is one link that caught my attention and another. Here are the interpretations.

Of course, here there are subsequent questions about the use of fractals, but I’ll leave the questioning up to you.

Here’s a link to a picture of the teens that I worked with doing some poetry for a few hours at the Teen Writing Experience.  They were an awesome bunch of kids.