…of cleaning–my house is desperately calling to me through the dust moles and through the piles upon piles of books awaiting the sorting–I’m on the computer in search of poetry. I was at the bookstore today (imagine!) and picked myself up the Portable Hannah Arendt (I think it’s the one on the list for the philosophy class in the fall), but I spied a book by British writer Mark Haddon which I really wanted because (I’m not happy with confessing this) I liked the cover. What a cool cover! Even though there were no french flaps, they weren’t needed. Instead it had one of those circular spinning wheels with pictures to view in cut-outs (I’m sure there must be a name for it, but for the life if me I have no idea what it is). Haddon has his own web page. Also, for those who are like me and love to listen to their favourite poetry John Mackenzie has delightfully shared a few poems in his wonderful voice over the past few days, and my fingers stumbled over this page.