11 thoughts on “A Bleak House

  1. That *is* more fun than housework, by far! And I’m not cleaning today, either. I’m getting ready for Y&R at 4:30 and just might catch DooL in a coupla minutes.


  2. why, bernadette! watching the wine and the are without auntie kimmy? what’s the world coming to?

  3. Sigh… dial-up can be a pain. I’ll just have to believe it’s nifty and totally cool.

    Maybe instead of watching it I’ll clean the house. Probably be able to repaint it and build some book cabinets as well.

  4. Well, B-), that sounds better than cleaning, although I must agree with kimmy; I only watch them with her (not that I really am watching, but accompanying).

    Thanks B.

    Poor Pete. The beginning is the best as the cartoon siblings simply keel over and die.

  5. sorry, folks, off topic… tracy, please email me. i haven’t got your address as i’m still computerless. not an emergency. just want to run something by you. ta.

  6. Aha! This weekend I’m looking after a house with two cats and broadband, so I’ve finally got to see this. It’s wonderful. The keeling-over kids cracked me up; loved the various birds, too, particularly the pigeons and the raven. Oh yes, I learned a bit about Dickens, too… Thanks, Tracy :^D

  7. That was fun. I didn’t go through the entire game but will later and I’ll explore some more. Fun site.


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