Here we are

Here we are: Muenster, Sk.

Brenda and Annette above standing on the road in town and Brenda is riding the train. The drive was fine, not too windy, or snowy and all is fine in the world of St. Pete’s.

5 thoughts on “Here we are

  1. Wonderful, wonderful. Enjoy. St. Pete’s is beautiful. I’ve never been for a writer’s retreat, though I’ve always wanted to. Years ago I was there for a marriage course. Memories of the beautiful grounds stuck, even if the marriage didn’t.

  2. Er…former marriage (in case clarification is required). One of those things that happened when I was far too young to be a grown up. I’m happy to say all is well on the current home front.

  3. Hope your trip went well Anita, and no clarification needed.

    Amy: It is wistful. Wonderful too!

  4. obviously muenster has absolutely
    no by-laws to discourage
    pan handlers

    a couple of more blocks
    and you could be

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