Writer’s Utopia

Well, the time has come, it’s February which means it’s winter colony time. I am heading out to St. Pete’s, which is just outside of Muenster, to spend 2 idyllic weeks cavorting (I love that word) with many other writers in our own mini-idealistic community. I hope to finish some edits, start a novel, write a book of short stories, finish a couple of non-fiction pieces, complete 3 essays, and maybe just for good measure, a poem or 2. Or not. It’s an idealistic world isn’t it?

I thought I would leave you with something until I’m able to figure out how to download (or even if I’m able to download from a remote computer) some pictures. Here is a wonderful picture from a few years ago of 2 of my favourite colonists doing the ferret dance. The story is– there is no story. We dance, we sing, we play, we think, we write, we ferret, we build, we decontruct the build, we contemplate the build, we celebrate the build. Utopia!

Artist Honor Kever and writer Brenda Schmidt

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Utopia

  1. What the heck–why not throw in a play while you’re at it!

    Have a wonderful time–and if there are more ferret dances, make sure you take another photo to share with us!

  2. Thanks Amy, and writing a play is a great idea! The only one I’ve ever written was in a class once.

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