Music, music

I was doing some musical stylings on the computer today, from an album that dates back to 1972, so when I saw Amy’s blog post–also linked on the side bar, which should, some day, wander back up to the top– I was curious to see what the number 1 hit was in 1972. I looked up the month and date of my birth in 1972 (not really the year of my birth, although for today I’m pretending) and found that the song was “Brandy–you’re a fine girl”.

The conversation

…in film class revolved around Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation last night. The conceptualization of mass culture politically made me realize the rockstar was missing in action, the counter-counter subcultural poetic hero had gone underground (anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts please contact the comments bar in this blog immediately–how can the rockstar go missing when his very presence is vital to cultural mainstream poetry in action, vital to the way we ride the wave of capitalism through language–where is his propaganda?).

The movie, of course, is one that I remember watching years ago, but not really understanding. (Gene Hackman plays a terrific wiretapper, but I kept wondering what was with the plastic raincoat he wore everytime he went outside? What on earth was the significance of a see-through, grey, plastic raincoat? Was this just another stab at mass culture? Mass capitalism? The way of mass production and the plastic way we consume?) I’ve been thinking about mass culture ever since, the universality versus the particular, and, with that, I remembered coming across this article by Adorno a while back when doing some work with Hegel. It’s not the lightest of reads, but interesting, if one is interested in any particular way in the not so mass ideas about the mass. ??