…is what I started out with when I began to think about writing a blog post tonight. Not that I’m thinking hard about this, or long, and I’m not really examining this in any great detail except for this post; however, in my quest to write at least two blog posts this month (a record so far this year), I began to read other blogs that I’ve also not kept up reading. I began to be envious at the people that are still blogging away zealously (though I think envious in a good way rather than a self-destructive envy). I also noticed there appeared to be many others that have quit or slowed to a frigid halt in blogging. Is this a trend or a symptom of social networking?

Although I’ve not been very keen on writing blog posts in the past few years, I’m not sure what I can blame this on: maybe a fast-paced job, busy family, life catching up to the time I spent dogging it. Or maybe it was social media– the endless status updates, the pictures, the comments, the politics, the blah, blah, blah. Whatever the excuse, I’ve not had the urge to withdraw from blogging, and in fact, have had the urge to write more lately–I’ve always believed that the more I write, the more I write.

I can’t say the same for social media, and in fact, they’ve made it quite easy for me to leave that space anytime I wanted to. So I did. Now I’m sitting at my kitchen table, looking out over the rain-soaked lilacs and thinking about words instead status updates.

4 thoughts on “BLOG ENVY

  1. FB and Twit are weird. Humans are weird, so hey, here we are. Nice to see you popping up in my feed again. I feel more bloggy than FBy these days, and completely Twitless.

    • It seems weird is what makes us human. I missed blogging in some strange “weird” way, and as I’ve never been much of a Twit, I thought I’d stop socializing (in one way). It’s nice to be back, so far!

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