I’ve always had a soft spot for Lillian Hellman, for any female writer that has carved their words and lived their life in the manner to which they wanted. I think I first discovered Hellman through the lens of Pentimento . I don’t remember what year, or how old I was, or how exactly I came to discover Hellman, but I loved her audacity, her ability to be herself. It was inspiring to me as a future writer to see women (not just writers, but women) doing and living how they wanted to.

I’m also intruigued by society’s reaction to strong women and of course, by book reviews, which have also had bad raps in the press and beyond. Not sure I agree or disagree with a review of a book I’ve not yet read, but I must say, I’m interested enough based on the last line of the review, to read about her. It ain’t over till it’s over and her day ain’t done.