…is something I don’t seem to have much time for these days.  I’m preparing the intro for the thesis that I’m preparing to defend, I’m preparing  to attend a summer colony, and to top it all off, I’m helping to prepare an anniversary for Sage Hill; however, tonight I found my missing copy of Robert Duncan’s Ground Work II: in the dark (in the closet, like where else would you expect to find it??) and while I soaked my sore ass (the cause: sitting at the computer for the past 12 hours) in the tub (I miss this ritual in summer when it’s too hot to do this, and too wet to read in the shower) I began to read over the poems. I remember reading this book once, but not really following or understanding it, but tonight, I found myself drawn into the poems in a new way. I was immediately reminded of Yeats, and theosophy, and lingered on some of the poems like “An Alternate Life” for the entire tub time. I’ll have to go through my collection before I leave for the summer, and see who I need to read again, if only because I can and have some time to do so.